Silversmith Dance Theatre, in, outubro 2013

“We showcased our work alongside many amazing companies from around the World and felt privileged to be representing the UK. The festival team at the Auditório Fernando Lopes Graça were the perfect hosts and we hope to reapply to this amazing Festival in 2014 as a guest company.” | link

Thomas Freundlich,

“On behalf of myself and Neil Owens, thanks again for a lovely festival – it was great to be part of this year’s International Platform at Almada. All arrangements were extremely well organized, and it was a pleasure to meet you as well as all the other dance artists at the event.”

Rocco Vermijs

“I was very pleased we could participate and I hope this could be a start of a longer relationship of exchange and support of eachothers work.”

Jean-Philippe Dury,

“On a vraiment passé un très bon moment! Je vous remercie pour l’accueil, c était vraiment formidable.”